Aligning research interests for Earth Observation activities in scientific workshop

Area director presents paper at thematic workshop, within the scope of the UT Austin Portugal Program’s strategic area Space-Earth Interactions.

UT Austin Portugal Program in R&D Collaborative Call for International Partnerships

In February 2019, Portugal2020, ANI and FCT will launch a call of international partnerships in Science and Technology, to fund collaborative projects between companies and non-corporate entities of the R&D+I system.

UT Austin Portugal Program: Entering the new year “with an even bigger ambition”

A message from the leadership of the Program for 2019.

“We will start testing our numerical code DGCOAST using real-world data”

Learn more about the exploratory research project that will analyse costal hydrodynamics and erosion with a mathematical method.

“I was able to bring this experience to my work” - An interview with Pedro Ferreira

After spending 3 months at the advanced training program at TACC, organised by the UT Austin Portugal Program, the first participant of the Advanced Computing Training Program talks about his motivations, recommendations and expectations moving forward.

UT Austin Portugal showcases activities at InCoDe.2030 event

All international partnerships were present in the annual conference, in Lisbon, in the context of national and international success stories.



January 23-25, 2019
Atlantic from Space Workshop
NOC-Southampton, UK
January 8-11, 2019
Sessions | UT Austin Portugal Program in Nanotechnologies: The New Decade
Lisbon, Famalicão, Braga, Porto, Aveiro